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Active Implementation Research Network (AIRN)

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

The Eastern District of Arkansas is one of three districts in the nation selected to work with the  U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services Office (PPSO) and the Active Implementation Research Network (AIRN) to establish a District Implementation Team (DIT) to support continuous improvements in the implementation of evidence-based supervision practices (EBP). This supports the mission of the Eastern District of Arkansas to be an outcome-based learning organization.

Research has shown even good innovations fail without an effective implementation plan and ongoing support. PPSO contracted with AIRN to bridge the gap between innovation, EBP, and implementation. AIRN has committed to providing PPSO and the Eastern District of Arkansas with support to improve the fidelity of innovations and EBP. Initially, these efforts will focus on officer development, risk assessments, case planning, purposeful contacts, and targeted interventions (i.e. STARR) with a subset of clients.

At the core of this progress is the establishment of the DIT. The DIT is a small group of staff who are dedicating substantial amounts of time to learn implementation science, identify areas that need additional resources, and provide training and coaching to staff. The DIT consults and meets regularly with representatives from AIRN and PPSO’s National Implementation Team (NIT).  

This partnership is expected to last several years. The goal is for the program to be extended to additional districts and eventually become the standard for federal supervision. The Eastern District of Arkansas is enthusiastic about the opportunity to fulfill our mission and remain at the forefront evidence-based supervision to better serve our clients, Court, and community.