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General Disclaimer

Please note that the following responses are intended to provide only general guidance. If you require additional information beyond the information provided, it is recommended that you contact the resource referenced, speak to a representative of the U.S. Probation Office, or consult with an attorney. In addition, please note that U.S. Probation Office records and files are the property of the U.S. District Court and cannot be disclosed unless ordered to do so by the sentencing judge. In addition, pursuant to Federal Law, the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act do not apply to the Federal Judiciary.


Q: What is the procedure for the drug testing program also known as Code-A-Phone Answering Service?
Q: How can I have my probation/supervised release terminated early?
Q: I have a family member/friend who is scheduled to be released from prison. They were convicted in federal court in another district or state but want to reside in the Eastern District of Arkansas. How can his/her case be transferred?
Q: If I am convicted of a Federal crime, can I or a family member own or possess a firearm?
Q: How do I have my conviction expunged or file for a pardon?
Q: If I am convicted of a felony in Federal court, can I vote?
Q: What is supervision?
Q: I have been found guilty in Federal Court, what happens next?
Q: I am an employer and I want to know if a prospective employee has been convicted of a crime, can you run a background check?
Q: What are the standard conditions of probation the Court must impose?
Q: I am on probation/supervised release. Am I allowed to leave the district?
Q: I have just been released from federal prison. When do I have to report for supervision?
Q: How do I find out if my U.S. Probation Officer issued a warrant for my arrest?


Q: What is the presentence investigation phase of a case?
Q: I have been sentenced and am waiting to be told where to report to serve my sentence. Do I report to my U.S. Probation Officer until I am assigned to a prison?


Q: How do I get a certified copy of a document?
Q: I am owed court-ordered restitution, who do I contact to get my money?
Q: I owe restitution for my crime. Who do I pay?
Q: Where can I get information regarding child support?
Q: I have a friend/family member who is in prison. How do I find out where he is being held?
Q: I want to report a possible violation of probation/supervised release. Do you have a tip line?
Q: What areas constitute the Eastern District of Arkansas?