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Breaking the Cycle of Recidivism

Tuesday, March 3, 2020
Author: USPO MeKisha Childers

The Eastern District of Arkansas (EDAR) Probation and Pretrial Service (PPTS) is committed to assisting returning citizens’ reintegration into the community. Reentry barriers are addressed to reduce anxiety and recidivism and to improve public safety. 

EDAR PPTS Reentry Advisory Committee identifies and reduces reentry barriers by fostering community partnerships. Partnerships are tailored like pre-entry and reentry plans for individual clients, enabling them to become productive and law-abiding citizens. Several orientations are conducted geared toward each stage of supervision. 

  • Pre-Entry Programs (PREP), targeted toward individuals transitioning to an incarcerated status, provide:
    • information about the Bureau of Prisons’ rules and regulations,
    • services available to the families of incarcerated individuals, and
    • assistance available to returning citizens. 
  • Prerelease Orientations are conducted monthly at the City of Faith Residential Reentry Center.This provides returning citizens:
    • with an opportunity to learn and understand the expectations and responsibilities of supervised release,
    • an overview of reentry services available, and
    • provides a facilitated question and answer session with a U.S. Probation Officer and an Assistant U.S. Attorney.

By partnering with organizations such as Goodwill and Our House, EDAR PPTS has assisted returning citizens with obtaining job readiness and employment retention skills, and on-the-job training. 

The current post-conviction unexcused-unemployment rate for the Eastern District of Arkansas is 7.7%. The Eastern District of Arkansas is ranked #5 in Lowest % Unexcused-Unemployment Rate. The current national average among districts for unexcused-unemployment rate is 14.9%.